Enterprise business solutions


FuelConnect leverages cloud-based Mobile Application technology to provide business driven solutions for the Downstream Petroleum Marketplace

process driven technology

optimize your business

remote mobile management

Focus on the bottom line

Real Enterprise Business Solutions

FuelConnect leverages best in class cloud-based Mobile Application technology to provide business driven solutions for the Downstream Petroleum Marketplace. We empower Fuel Marketers so they can manage vital fuel transaction processes – from fuel pickup to delivery – capturing all delivery documents via smartphone and automating the reconciliation process. Customers and other key stakeholders can rest assured that all information is accurately captured and integrated into the back office business processes.

increase Efficiency, reduce paperwork costs

By removing the need for old fashioned paper forms and transcription errors, the savings flow to your bottom line

decrease transaction completion time from hours to seconds

Time is money and in the fuels industry, every second counts

reduce working capital requirements

Enhancing inventory management , transaction reconciliation and financial settlement reduce your capital requirements

Reduce IT Costs

Our cloud based solution reduces the overhead needed for maintaining technology in-house

Reduce Communication Costs

Our technology takes on much of the burden of handling communication with the marketplace

We enable petroleum downstream Fuel Marketers and their trading partners to dramatically reduce costs associated with fuel truck dispatch, order capture, invoicing, reconciliations and other administrative expenses, thereby improving customer service and accelerating their fuels businesses.

We leverage technology to improve operational efficiency and lower operational costs. Our initial product offering, FuelRecon, allows you to take control of your fuel delivery business, minimizing data entry errors and reducing mistakes, thereby saving time for the reconciliation process. The end result is accurate billing and faster invoicing.

We will continually focus on expanding our Company’s existing software product and service offerings with acquired, licensed, upgraded and new products and services, and actively seek opportunities to expand offerings through partnerships and strategic alliances.