About our

Leadership Team


Gary Bevers

Founder & CEO

Mr. Bevers brings more than 29 years of leadership experience in marketing, product branding and business development to Bevers & Co. Since 1995 his focus has been on developing, deploying, and marketing Internet, eCommerce and eBusiness Solutions for the Downstream Petroleum and Petrochemical marketplace.


Mr. Bevers heads product and market development for innovative eSupply Chain Management solutions designed to facilitate stakeholder collaboration and increase downstream distribution efficiencies. He is actively involved in driving XML/EDI data standards for the Petroleum Industry and in delivering technology solutions that deliver cost effective benefits to all Downstream Trading Partners.

Previously, Mr. Bevers developed Internet based eBusiness solutions for TETRA Technologies, an Oil & Gas Production Services company, and focused on product marketing and branding for Exxon Chemical where he personally received their “PRIME” Marketing Award of Excellence for 1996.

He most recently worked on market and product development for the TAKGroup for their Private Trading Hubs and web-enabled Fuel Management solutions. Before that he worked with the DTN Energy and two Petroleum Dot.com start-ups, DownstreamEnergy.com and FuelQuest.com. This gives him an extensive experience base in the downstream petroleum market for ASP Technology service providers and supply chain management.

Organizations & Committees

  • PCATS Board Member; Chair for the Fuels Committee

  • API/PIDX; Executive Chair for Education & Promotion, Standards & Downstream eBusiness Committees

  • SIGMA; eCommerce Task force, Information & Education, Marketer Operations and Membership Committees

  • NACS; DD&R XML Task Force, eB2B (product codes & documents) Standards, Device Integration Standards, Payment Systems Standards and POS Back Office Integration Standards Committees

  • PMAA; Numerous State Association eCommerce Committees

  • NPRA, NPECA, NPGA, ILTA; Member, Conference Speaker

  • Articles and White Papers: NPRA, API/PIDX, NPN, IGM, NACS, JPM, PMAA

  • Editorial Boards; Publisher Fuel Marketer News, formerly National Petroleum News and IGM Magazine

Frank Hunter

Downstream Petroleum Logistics Expert

Frank has over 35 years of leadership experience in all facets of the downstream petroleum marketing and supply business. This includes his “hands-on” role in the development and operation of a 100+ million annual gallon wholesale petroleum distributorship in Ohio which included managing truck delivery assets. 


This endeavor, in partnership with Chevron Corporation, integrated fuel supply, technology and delivery into an integrated fuel management, third-party logistics solution. His new role as Newco’s Director of Fuels builds on this Chevron wholesale purchasing, supply, logistics management and “Last Mile” trucking distribution experience.

His tenure also includes his consulting, advisory and project management services to clients, including major oil companies (BP, Chevron, CITGO, ExxonMobil, Hess, Koch, Marathon, Shell, Valero, etc.) and governments (Brazil, Canada, Curacao, Mexico, U.S., Venezuela,  and multiple U.S. state agencies). His efforts included fuel projects in facilities (pipelines, refineries, terminals, etc.). supply, marketing, pricing, competition, transportation (pipeline, rail, truck and waterborne), wholesale distribution, and retail marketing.


Travis brock

Director Supply Hedging & Transportation Logistics

Travis Brock works as an independent consultant focused on all phases of project development in the midstream sector of the energy industry, with an emphasis on terminals, logistics and risk management. Commodity specialties include frac sand, water, crude oil, natural gas liquids, natural gas, ethanol, and refined products. Logistics specialties include rail, pipelines, barges and trucking.


Travis is an innovative collaborator who has developed a broad set of skills over twenty years in the midstream and trading sectors. Throughout his career, Travis has excelled in a variety of roles across commercial management (P&L ownership), project development, asset & business valuation, sales & marketing, construction & operations contracting, strategic planning, fundamental analysis, structured hedging products, trading, market analysis/modeling, and credit/market risk management. He has cultivated strong leadership, communication, and economic thinking skills through roles in large corporations, small private companies, and two start-up ventures. He is a rail commodities expert with relationships across U.S. and Canadian railroads and deep experience in the crude-by-rail and frac sand industries since early 2011

Project Highlights
2001: Co-developed strategy to build and dynamically hedge a 154-megawatt power plant in Washington state during the California power crisis, creating over $100 million in stakeholder value.
2007: Managed commercial development of Koch Industries’ $300 million MinnCan Pipeline project, at that time the largest capital project in the company’s history.
2012: Led the team that created a crude-by-rail business at Koch Supply & Trading. Gained capital approval for a $100 million investment to procure 600 railcars, build out an origin terminal in Odessa, Texas, contract origin throughput at two terminals in North Dakota, and contract destination throughput at two gulf coast terminals.
2013: Managed new business development for the leading unit train construction and operations contractor in the U.S. during a time of tremendous growth in the industry. Involved in many facets of design and engineering for over 40 development-stage projects. Executed on four-unit train crude-by- rail facilities.
May 2015: Founded Ethos Midstream Advisors, providing terminal development and midstream consulting services, while exploring direct investment opportunities.



Joe Martinez

Fuels Marketing, Brand Management, and Customer Management

Joe has over 18+ years focused specifically on selling and marketing pricing data for refined fuels and developing web-enabled software solutions for the downstream petroleum market, supply chain logistics and distribution sector. He has over 6+ years of brand management experience with expertise in product branding in Mexico, Central and South America.


Joe is currently the Marketing & Sales Director for FMN Media LLC, building brand awareness and managing content for the digital product offerings being offered by Fuels Market News Magazine. Fuels Market News is recognized for its expertise in regulatory, legislative, and operational news and information for Wholesale Fuel Marketers, Fuel & Convenience Retailers and Commercial Fuel Buyers.

Previously, Joe led and supported National and International Sales, Branding and Marketing efforts for companies such as EPIC News + Data, Encon Safety Products, NPN Magazine, DTN Energy, FuelQuest, DownstreamEnergy.com, and CompUSA Technical Services.  Jose Antonio is a certified Solutions Sales trainer, Certified Zoho CRM (Customer Management) administrator and trainer and has a myriad of other technical certifications from Apple, HP, CISCO, and others. Jose Antonio has found a niche integrating web-enabled technology solutions to support marketing and sales efforts.

Born and raised in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Educated at the University of Houston. Joe is Bilingual with a strong emphasis in written translations from English to Spanish. Jose Antonio brings more than 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing and brand management for technology, internet, energy and transportation fuels.