About US


The concept for FuelConnect was developed by Bevers & Co, a 20-year product marketing and development firm specializing in oil and gas, petrochem and high-tech industries. Bevers is considered a downstream petroleum marketing thought-leader after spearheading various downstream industry business process improvement initiatives as a technology subject matter expert over the past 18 years.

At FuelConnect™, Bevers and his co-founders know the fuel marketer industry and understand the unique set of challenges related to fuel transaction processes. Add to that a deep knowledge of supply chain logistics, transportation management software and mobile applications technology as well as real world fuel marketer expertise, and you’ve got the perfect team for the perfect downstream petroleum solution.

01. Mission…deploy

1) Simple, cost effective, scalable, Cloud-based, Web-enabled, Device Independent Technology Solutions to automate mobile workforce and document processes

2) Enterprise-To-Mobile “powered” communications to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in the “Last Mile” (Trucking/Delivery) of the petroleum marketing and distribution supply chain

02. values…deliver

Genuine, demonstrable ROI to Marketer/Transportation Trading Partners and become a sustainable, profitable “industry critical” business partner for Last Mile Delivery Logistics Tracking



A History Of Innovation

Gary Bevers

Founder & CEO

Gary brings over 30 years of leadership experience to FMNWeb, specializing in downstream petroleum supply chain, marketing, branding, fuel management purchasing and distribution logistics, web-enabled technology solutions and product and market development.

During his tenure at Exxon Chemical, he was honored with the PRIME Marketing Award of Excellence in 1996 and is a popular speaker at industry conferences. Gary is an incredibly hard worker, always driven to succeed and is passionately dedicated to motivating his employees and partners along the way, ultimately developing meaningful, long-lasting relationships both inside and outside of his business endeavors.